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We're passionate about finding the real treasure in things and we invite you to visit the 31 House to find your treasure.

We have over 4000 sq.ft. of retail shopping space and hundreds of thousands of items for sale. Come search and make us an offer - EVERYTHING is FOR SALE!

Victor Rjesnjansky

Victor is a fast-talking, suave and charismatic out-of-towner who isnt afraid to get his hands dirty.
Eight years ago, Victor and his consort JoAnn moved to escape a high cost of living of New York and they have experienced some culture shock of Texas, but have enjoyed settling in. This Long Island native has a need for speed, finer things, and loves to socialize.
Victor goes to storage auctions, closeout sales, liquidations, and wholesalers to buy merchandise for his store and to support his lifestyle. His garage is full of motorcycles, boats, tractors, golf carts which he has purchased at various auctions over the last 25 years.

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JoAnn Maresca

JoAnn has been running the show behind the scenes for over 23 years. You can usually find her organizing all the items Victor has collected at The 31 House retail store. Also from Long Island, she has found her place here in Texas and enjoys conversing with local buyers.

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